The Toledo Surgical Society was founded in 1970 as a community collaborative led by Marion C. Anderson, MD, the first Chair of the Department of Surgery of the Medical College of Ohio (now the University of Toledo College of Medicine). Before the Medical College was founded, there were four independent hospital based surgical residencies in Toledo, Ohio. The community surgeons who volunteered their time and resources to surgical training realized that a single residency under the auspices of the Medical College would serve the residents and the community best. The respective hospitals served as clinical rotation sites for residents and students.

After the surgical residency was established, Dr. Anderson brought the community together once again and with local surgical leaders, the Toledo Surgical Society was founded. It has been an active society in continual existence since, supporting the education of surgeons, residents, and students. The Society now includes others who have dedicated their careers to surgery including Podiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and others. Guests of Society are always welcome to attend meetings. Over the years there have been innumerable surgical leaders who have contributed including those locally, nationally, and internationally. The Society has held joint meetings with other departments of surgery including those of The Ohio State University, the University of Michigan, and even the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In 1997, the Toledo Surgical Society Educational Foundation was established with an endowment from Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center and many local surgeons. The Foundation has been the recipient of a major grant from The Fredrick M. Douglas, MD Foundation, established in 1943 by Dr. Douglas to support the advancement of the science of surgery. With the generous support from The Surgical Foundation and industry, the Society has been able to maintain a low dues structure to allow easier access to join. Residents can become members at no cost.

The Society sponsors at least five meetings per year including an annual Resident Research Forum. With support of the Foundation, cash prizes are awarded. The Society also presents a scholarship to a graduating medical student who is pursuing a career in surgery. Additionally, Continuing Medical Education Credit is offered for meetings.


Constitution and By-Laws